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Sustainable clothing

Every boochen Bikini has it's roots in the ocean.


Wir sind für den Deutschen Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2021 nominiert

Wir können offiziell verkünden, dass boochen surfwear für den "deutschen Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2021" in der Kategorie design nominiert wurde, und es fühlt sich großartig an. ⁠

Reversible Style
Two styles in one set, more possibilities
Recycled Material
Less waste, more care for the planet
SPF 50 UV protection
Soft and protective for your skin
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Sustainability is the base

The surfing-sport teaches respect for the forces of nature and appreciation for the ocean. Seeing the pollution of the ocean is as hurtful to the ones experiencing it as it is to the environment. That´s why the focus on sustainability is one of the key features of the collections of boochen surfwear. It is achieved not only through the fabric of choice, but through all the ideas from the combination of designer and surfer that make the garment useful for a long period of time.

Adjustable details

Through the study of the human shape and rigorous testing, we created products that can be adjusted on key kinetic points. This way, it is ensured that the swimwear stays in place during sportive challenges, and can be worn with a more relaxed fit during leisuretime. Moreover, these adjustable sliders allow our designs to keep a secure fit whenever the wearer´s body changes.

We embrace the changing nature of our customer´s body and give them a product that has the potential for long term use, empowering them through our product to live in a more sustainable way.

Our designs rethink the unwritten rule that a piece of sportswear can be used for one specific purpose only: the sport it was designed for. We design with a broad spectrum of uses in mind: our fabrics are adaptive for activities both inside and outside of the water.

Reversible and modularly combinable

We love novelty and the ability to match different looks to different occasions. However, we believe that smart designs can satisfy that drive and be sustainable at the same time. Our styles have two different but matching sides. That way, getting two pieces brings the user already 4 different ways of styling them. Add more styles from any of our collections (previous or upcoming) and there are endless possibilities of creating new styles with few additional pieces.

About us

Recycled material for a better solution

In our fabric of choice we use sustainably sourced fibers that uses waste material to recover otherwise wasted resources: Nylon and Polyester are needed to create suitable fabric for swim - and sportswear. 

We teamed up with Ecofil ® , a brand that does an active contribution to the wellbeing of our oceans. For our Bikini, we chose ECONYL ®, a fibre that is regenerated from pre- and post- consumer waste. Among which we find old fishing nets, nylon scraps and carpet fluff. To make things more stretchy and durable, we rely on Lycra ® Extra Life, which is the second fibre in our bikini-fabric. It makes our boo resistant to salt water, suncream, chlorine and UV-light. The result: a bikini full of vibrant color, perfect fit and a soft touch that stays in the right shape for a long time.

Ethisch und umweltbewusst
Ethisch und umweltbewusst
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Our Production

We team up with a small studio in the near from Hongkong. All of them work in this studio for between 5 and 15 years and bring that skill and experience into every piece that goes through their hands. Since the studio doesn´t have a huge amount of workers (around 15), it is easier to take care of and to provide for every one of them. Each worker has a face and a voice, too. The studio pays a wage higher than the average and has reasonable working hours. Lunchtime is important, just as finishing in time. We are working with them to build a fair sewing studio for leading the fair trade all over the area and give more people a comfortable work balance.

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Less Plastic, more green

The thing about being a genuinely sustainable brand is, that one must consider every single element of the consumption chain. Next to the product itself, one huge aspect to regard is the packaging of this product.

We use acid-free paper for our packages such as gift paper and hygienic stickers, printed with soy-based inks.

Our ziplock bag is made from a combination of PBAT, a bio-based polymer that is compostable, and PLA which is made up of plant materials such as regular field corn and wheat straw. Which can be reused many times and suitable for composting even at home.

Reuse the box




Order your items like a normal way. We will pack your order carefully with our eco-friendly packages.


We will ship out your items with a reused box. We will make sure all the orders will be packaged carefully and shipped safely.

Plant a tree

Everytime when we reuse a box, we will donate 1 Euro to Plant-for-the-Planet. Plant more trees for our nature.

Let the green fashion wave starts.

Check out our colletion Summer 2020
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