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Me, my place and I


We are looking for models, are you interested?

"Me, my place and I" is a photo series that we will be doing at beginning of 2021. As the New Year begins to take shape we would like to kick it off, not by sharing some content with you that we created cooped up in our homeoffice. We thought a widening of the horizon is something that we could all make use of, so we thought it would be nice to expand the perspective from our home to yours! 

The photos will be taken in the comfort of your home, where you feel relaxed and confident and maybe the most you. Showin personal experiences in personal spaces is perhaps something that can bring us all a little closer together in these times where it's easy to feel far apart. 

Photo by: Monika Kozub @Berlinboudoir

Already from our very first conversation with Monika Kozub, the founder of Berlin Boudoir we knew she was the perfect fit to cooperate with for this series. Monika is a Berlin based photographer who does not shoot photos for the sake of it, but because it is the artform she expresses herself, as well as her activism through.

As she describes herself, she wants to use her photos to show the power and beauty of women, which she succeeds in, in an intimate and candid way. When looking at her work the impression arises that all insecurity fades before her lens. And what remains is something honest that sparks equally honest conversations.

So with Berlin Boudoir you will not find yourself in any regular photo session, you will be in the hands of a person whose goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident.

Photo by: Monika Kozub @Berlinboudoir
We are looking for:

- Women*
- 30+,40+,50+,60+ and all above
- in Berlin
Why Berlin? Since that is the city Berlin Boudoir is based in, we will only be able to feature women* who are located there, as to avoid traveling far at the moment.

Why 30+ and all above? One of the things we wish to continue in the New Year is to refelect boochens identity and to see in which aspects we can work on to represent more diversity. One of the ways the fashion industry still discriminates is ageism. Women above the age of 35 seem to slowly disappear from our screens. At the same time we would like to spark a conversation about the topic, but also use this series to show that there is no growing out of beauty.

*including people identifying as transgender/queer/non-binary⁠
Are you interested?
Please check out the Link for sign up

covid-19 disclaimer

We are aware that in the current situation it is not easy and sometimes impossible to invite someone to your home. Your health is our first priority. But if it is something that you can imagine then we will of course create a hygiene concept which we can adapt together with you according to your wishes and needs to make the visit as safe as possible.

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