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Welcome to join the eco waves. 🌊

Making a sustainable product is just a piece of the whole picture. To become a truly sustainable brand, we also put a lot of consideration into our packaging. Right now we pack your boochen bikini into a reusable bag made out of a sustainable high-tech Material called Tyvek®. Protected like that, it is then packed into an outer-packaging: depending on the size into a paper bag or paper box, both reusable and recyclable of course. And lastly, we work with DHL Green to minimize the impact of our delivery of our boochen. 


We want to pack our bikinis in the most eco-friendly way possible and use this opportunity to give you something nice instead of adding to your trash bin. 
Our newest packing bag for your precious bikini features Tyvek® material, by DuPont™. Tyvek is a material that is recyclable, lightweight and looks like paper but is stronger than leather. You can reuse it over and over again and it is even water repellent. It can be recycled, but even if landfilling is necessary, it won’t leach harmful compounds into the ground. 


It's important for us that you can get as much use as possible from our packaging. That’s why we would love to see you use those bags over and over again to store your bikini 
Or to bring it to the beach. Our first version, the cotton bag, was a pretty nice start. But with the lightweight, sturdy and highly recyclable Tyvek you get something even more useful: 
Your new bikini-bag may look like its made from paper, but its actual water repellent and tear resistant, so you can keep reusing it over and over again, so go ahead and give it a good crumble! 


And to close the cycle, for the outer packaging, we use cardboard that is recycled and paper bags from recycled paper, as well. And you can even use them to send your bikini back to us if you don’t like it (it's ok, we won’t get cross). And to bring your new boochen safely to your house, we work with DHL GoGreen: the CO2-Emissions are neutralized by funding projects that actively work to protect the climate. 

We believe that for the quest for sustainability, it is important to take steps in the right direction. By providing you with reusable and actually, useful, packaging, we hope to encourage a more sustainable way of living. 
There is no one right answer and not the one perfect packaging solution. That’s we also try out new things and develop more and more eco-friendly alternatives. 
So: don´t dismiss your new boochen-bag as some weird paper package and don’t throw it into the trash. Instead, reuse this sturdy material or send it back to us by the end of its lifecycle so we can see to its return into the cycle. 


Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $100 AUD away from free shipping.
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