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Welcome to join the eco waves. 🌊


Hallo daar! Wij, Boochen zijn een eco-bewust merk gevestigd in Hannover, Duitsland. Maar we komen van veel verschillende plaatsen over de hele wereld. Wat ons verbindt is onze achtergrond in modeontwerp en onze liefde voor surfen.

Who we are

As surfgirls, we know the struggle when the bikini won’t stay in place during an intense session. And we came across some other problems too while on our boards, like the huge amount of plastic waste floating around. That´s why we decided to use our abilities to make a change and created a bikini that´s better for surfing and for the ocean.

What does boochen stand for?

boo is the shortform for blue ocean obsessed. That describes us pretty well! Ocean lovers through and through. The end of the word -chen is a german word ending used to describe something or someone cute and lovely.  Combining these terms summs up our core values in one word "boochen"! A design philosphy that creates something that is not only good for the people wearing it, but also good for the planet. 

Behind our products

To battle the pollution of our beautiful ocean, we teamed up with Econyl® and use fibres reclaimed partly from sea-waste for our productions. Additionally, we want our bikini to be used for as long as possible to avoid being the cause for more waste prduction. To acchieve offering a product that you will want to hold on to we also work with Lycra® Extra Life. These fibers protect you from UV light and simultaneously make sure the bikini stays in shape 5 times longer than a regular bikini.

We wanted to give you (and us, too) the best fitting bikini with the most flattering look. We design our bikinis with adjustable details, so it will fit you under different conditions, with the option to be tight when active in the water or a little more loose when you just want to chill at the beach. All of our bikinis are also reversible, so you have two styles to chose from at once.

It's all about making you and ocean as happy as possible!

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Gefeliciteerd! Jouw bestelling komt in aanmerking voor gratis versturing You are $100 USD away from free shipping.
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